Saturday 12 November 2011

The Armchair & Pedant

Polbrock - construction of pub/cottage to act as a scenic break next t the level crossing. It has the beginnings of painting the stone work. Woodwork will be picked out at a later stage along with still to be made sash windows guttering and downpipes.

The pub might be called 'The Armchair & Pedant', that being the case will be a little run down because nobody normal wants to share a drink with the irritating middle-aged adenoidal Norman Bates type characters that drink shandy in there. - that's when 'mother' allows them out of course! I must thank the hugely talented Troels Kirk for the pub name inspiration here


  1. Come one Chris that's totally wrong - surely they meet regularly in pubs over a watery beer to discuss the various faults of modellers and models as well as how they would run the railway and Hornby and edit the magazines as well.

    However the question I have is where is the border line between a pedant and a Roye England type!

  2. They don't meet in pubs any more nowadays, they have around on t'interweb. Perhaps we could produce a sticker - "Pedants do it on forums"

    Excellent pub name though !

  3. Shandy? Hadn't realised you'd be serving cocktails!

  4. @Phil Parker. There's a lot of them on them there forums....


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