Thursday 24 November 2011

Moonlight Express

Under a crisp full moon, 44560 passes Kimble North Signalbox with the late service.

The shot straight out of the 
camera raw conversion

Captured at The Warley Show last weekend; the sodium light is unsuitable for serious photography, so rather than battle with the mixed sodium and daylight, a little Photoshoppery was used which primarily  involved removing the ceiling of the NEC and replacing it with a Mediterranean sky. I also decided to de-saturate and colourize much of the image to replicate moonlight. Cheating? Well of course, and what fun it was too. Of course the other option would be to simply turn the photo into black and white, but I hope you'll agree this is a little more fun!


  1. Nice, and I agree that it looks much more fun than a b/w pic! :-)

  2. Cheating or Art? It is very effective!

  3. Weirdly, my mobile phone compensates for the sodium light very well, giving pretty accurate colour repro rather than the yellow/orange cast that photos taken on proper cameras show.

    What you do learn from the NEC is that layouts need proper lighting rigs if you want to take them to an exhibition.

    Oh, and nice pic.

  4. Very nice. Don't think cheating is a concept which comes into it. It's just using tools available to achieve an end. Otherwise, an air brush is cheating, transfers are cheating, very nearly every modern advance is cheating. Now there's an idea - a digital rivet counter! Think what could be achieved with one of those!

  5. Beautiful!
    Cheating ? No
    Art? Yes

  6. Amazing, and it if it captures atmosphere and feeling, then whatever technique achieves that is the correct one. There is no right or wrong with any art form.
    I'm transported away with this picture! more of this please!

  7. Wow! Any chance I can re blog this on my modllr blog Chirs?

  8. As long as you credit the source and don't alter anything:-)


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