Monday 28 November 2011

January 2011 Model Rail (issue 164)

Winter Essentials is the theme for this issue, with literally dozens of products being tried out to create a temporary or permanent winter wonderland. But for the cover shot here I used sifted B&Q plaster through the kitchen sieve on the then incomplete Polbrock. I must stress that I would not recommend such even though it does very much look the part, it's gets everywhere and will certainly not do your rolling stock any favours especially if you get it into the workings. For this shot I took advantage of the fact that the layout had no scenery or ballast at the time and that all I had to do was take to it out into the garden for a good beating to remove the powdered plaster.
Now I've told you what not what to do, rest assured that all the tips and techniques in the magazine are highly recommended and excellent examples of how things should be done!

And now the contents, in no particular order....
  • News
  • Reviews
  • Layout: Elm Park
  • Layout: The Tri-ang Collector
  • Layout: Ackthorpe
  • DRS decal offer
  • Exclusive Oxford offer
  • Britain's Model Trains 2012
  • Model Rail DVD offer
  • Q&A
  • Show & Tell
  • Model Rail Shop
  • Exhibition diary
  • Workbench: Cut wood
  • Workbench:Big upgrades
  • Super Sentinel
  • Build Lightweight Baseboards
  • Select the right wood
  • Cut, lay and ballast track
  • Supertest: SNOW!
  • Workbench:Refine your Class 20/9
  • Instant repaint
  • Backscene

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  1. Can't wait for my copy to arrive - looks exciting. I have signed up for a subscription now as it seems to be alot quicker than waiting for it to appear in the news agents. Often weeks late otherwise here in Aus. Just finished reading 141 with Brewhouse Quay - excellent article, thanks for sharing more and more about this great little layout!


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