Thursday, 17 February 2011

March 2011 Model Rail (154)

Firstly you must gawp at the wonderful cover taken especially for this issue. With such a crowded news stand in the uber-nerd section of the nation's favourite newsagent, it's really important to stand out from the rabble, and to carry this off in wonderful style Model Rail's George Dent has done a cracking job titivating up a Hornby King Arthur Class locomotive.

Behind the cover is the below, all propped with the best colour and image reproduction of any UK model railway magazine!
  • News - pictures: Hatton's Co-Bo, and 10000, Dapol's class 22 
  • Reviews: N gauge HSTs, Britannia 
  • Nuremburg News 
  • Westbury Cement - showcasing Steve Jones' beautifully modelled portrayal of the well known but recently closed cement works in Wiltshire.
  • Choose the Right Semaphore Signals for your Layout by George Dent.
  • Brassmaster's 'Scot' detailing 
  • 5 Ways to Make a Hedge - Peter Marriott
  • Going off the Rails - GWR road vehicles and the Railway Air Services feature  - Chris Leigh
  • Highley Unlikeley - a delightful N gauge layout based on the Severn Valley Railway.
  • Recycling Your Old Layout
  • Fitting Commonwealth bogies on a Bachmann CEP
  • FREE printed building kit (Victorian era messroom/office/light industrial)
  • Ellis Road O layout - Rob Ellis' popular exhibition layout portraying an urban Southern Region freight backwater in the day of steam.
  • Masterplan - Ventnor 1969
  • Gullant N gauge layout building - Part 3 of this micro Peter Marriott.
  • Show & Tell
  • Q&A
  • All the regulars,
  • Backscene.

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