Friday, 11 February 2011

Brewhouse Quay: Update 12 Feb '11

Brewhouse Quay's 'K Point' is slowly coming together - lots more in the way of checkrails/rails to add! It's actually proving easier to work in copper clad than I recall last time.

Copper Clad is very forgiving if a realignment is needed - rivet in ply sleepers would be less so. I'm using code 55 flat-bottomed rail from C + L, not the N gauge version which would have a top that is too narrow, but the 4mm version which is often used to depict third-rail on Southern Region systems. My reason is for that light-railway industrial look.

Most of the track to the right will be embedded in cobbles, hence the continuous check-rail. I will be extending the check rail on the right up to the diamond - due to a chance of plan which involves the crossing diamond area being cobbled too.

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