Monday, 14 February 2011

Brewhouse Quay: Monday 14 Feb '11

Most of Sunday was spent cracking on with the trackwork on Brewhouse Quay. Once you get going this form of track contruction can be remarkably speedy.

The most tricky bit of track is now complete apart from the hidden staging yard bits, the siding in the distance, and gapping sleepers and rails so it actually works. Most of the area in the foreground will be cobbled, it forming part of the canal wharf - hence all the additional check rails.


  1. Great progress on the tracklaying, that K point looks really good!

  2. Hi Chris - this is looking ace! I'm working on a brewery layout myself, being served by an 18" gauge line and was wondering how you plan to do the cobbles? Trying to work that one out myself!

  3. I will be forming the cobbles in to Humbrol Air Clay. Either pressed when soft or scribed once set.


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