Monday, 7 February 2011

Down Wiv-da-Kidz-Init?

I frequently get requests from toy chuff chuff fans wanting to be my 'friend', however I'm a shy retiring type who only keeps a personal Facebook account for family and the closest of friends - that aspect I'm sure most will understand unless they're a railway modelling stalker.

I don't really want to show the obilgatory out of focus drunken shots to the rest of the world because they're really not pretty much of the time. And anyway, most people I'm sure really just want to snigger at my railway modelling, photography and occasional humourous swipes at the 'odd-brigade' who give us all something to cackle or roll our eyes at when at exhibitions.

So, in response to the above, I have set up a 'Facebook Page' to announce new photos, website and blog updates, an exhibition diary, answer a few questions on how not to 'do' model railways and photograph the resulting distasters in a slightly more casual interactive way than my Twitter account allows.

The non-fluffy small text: unlike a personal Facebook account, there is no restriction or approval required. Iffy members trying to sell stuff to increase the size of ones member will be removed howver.


  1. I tried Facebook, and it was a nasty experience for me. So, no more of that for me. So please please don't fall into the habit of posting tweets that contain only links to a FB page

  2. Nope, you'll be alright in that respect, they're both tools to promote stuff on my proper website, exhibition outings and so on rather than each other which would be pointless. Some just prefer FB over Twitter and visa versa. Choice.

  3. superb ..........amazing it..

  4. Really amazing it.....!


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