Wednesday 14 February 2024



A hazy summer morning at Combwich, and it looks like it’s going to be a scorcher. So much so, that the little people made from low melting point white metal are hiding indoors, because the BBC have issued another ‘red warning’. The warning this time being the risk of melting into a pool of liquid white metal in the intense heat. 

The train in the left is the 10.00 am service to Bridgwater, and on the right we have the 10.02 am service to Templecombe via Highbridge and Evercreech Junction. 

But rather than following strict railway protocol, because invariably everything is running late, the station master (hiding safely under the canopy)  blows his whistle and the first train to depart gets the road. The signalman hates this messing about everyday at this time, because his has to anticipate which route to set first. Though quite often both trains depart at the same time, and then one has to apply the emergency brakes to avoid passing the starter signal at danger. 

And when this situation arrises (which is most days), the outcome very much depends on whether the signalman is an ex GWR or S&DJR man, which in this case being the latter will almost certainly give priority to the train on the left, the locomotive on the right being of GWR heritage. 


Nonsense creation is thirsty work….

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