Sunday 25 February 2024

Sunday Shenanigans

 More dubious activities outside The Kettle Inn this morning. Waving Willy and Waving Wayne look like they’re having a good time over there on the right. 

As for Bob Geeza Cat, I’m not sure he’s in a good spot, but he’s a quick mover. Neil has jumped off the engine to entice Bob with some treat by the look of it. Though he could just pick Bob up and move him out of the way. 

At least Fred the Flag appears to be aware of where they are, but being the weekend no trains are running. That’s been the law in the UK since 1883 many of you will know, so there is little danger. 

And who is the chap on the left? That’s the pub landlord Shamus O’whatashame who’s popped out to to see what all the commotion is carrying his trusty man-bag which contains every possible bottle opener and cork screw combination ever made. 


Nonsense creation is thirsty work….

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