Sunday 4 February 2024

Watch the Birdie!

 It’s Sunday down on the docks, and several of our favourite naughty chums are out to greet the arrival of a proper engine which is well and truly suited to a tough dockyard life with its tight curves, rough track, aggressive shunting and a bit of hello sailor. 

Celebrated average photographer Ivan Locksmith has turned up with his ‘big camera’ to record the event assisted by Barry Bullhead from The Ministry of Misery. But miserable, Barry no doubt will be keen that the photograph will fail due to the fixer bath being mixed up with the developer bath, thus rendering a film with no image. But Ivan is prepared for this and has swapped all the chemical labels around in his darkroom in preparation, for he knows that Barry will want to oversee the entire photographic process and swap labels around whilst Ivan loads the film into the developer tank.  

My only worry is that once Ivan has managed to get his huge camera back home, and knowing the he likes to smoke exotic stuff grown in his tropical greenhouse, he might forget what he’s done and indeed ruin the film. We shall find out later this week I’m sure….

And finally, any ‘Flat Earth’ fanatics will take delight in seeing the edge of the world, but might be taken back in that the edge is next to a little known dockyard near Bridgwater in Somerset. But anyone who has been to Bridgwater won’t be surprised by this. 


Writing nonsense is thirsty work

1951 vintage Zeiss Nettar - fully working and regularly used. 

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