Friday 9 February 2024

Like a Ninja on Amphetamines 🐾

It’s Rear End Friday! Okay, that doesn’t really work, but it is what it as they say, the rear end of a locomotive and it’s Friday. 

Waving Willy is on the early turn pottering about with the recently arrived USA Tank which went missing from Southampton Docks sometime last week. By all accounts it was attached to the rear of The Pines Express and as if by magic remained hidden in the goods shed at Evercreech Junction before being used on the 5am goods to Bridgwater via Edington Junction. 

“Bridgwater” I hear you splutter into your Horlicks, “That line closed in the early 1950s”. Well so the history books lead you to believe, for while the rails appear to be long gone, they are very much still there lurking in the tall grass which now covers the trackbed. It’s been like this for a good decade now, with only the occasional dog walker noticing the hidden sleepers and rails, which curiously have shiny polished tops. But that’s just put down to a play of the light and smoking too much weed, for the swamplands of rural Somerset do enjoy spectacular displays of both. 

The Bridgwater line, whilst officially closed and torn up, is used regularly as a smuggling route from Bridgwater Docks. This is always under the cover of darkness, with locomotives having special flame retardant hemp muffling to change the staccato ‘chuff chuff’ to that of a feeble ‘muff muff’ so as to not draw too much attention. 

I digress, for I’m sure the more eagle-eyed will have noticed that Bob Geeza Cat as usual has positioned himself to balance the composition of today’s photograph. Waving Willy has just spotted him far too close to the track and is waving Bob out of the way. But fear not my fellow neurotics, Bob, despite getting on a bit, will jump out of the way with a split second to go like a ninja on amphetamines🐾


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