Monday 25 December 2023

Victorian Values

Barry Bullhead, the hard nosed utterly charmless man from The Ministry of Misery doesn’t have any true friends. That’s him standing by the crossing gates watching the local service trundle past. He’s always struggled with relationships, most likely not helped by a harsh upbringing due to his parent’s Victorian values which revolved around lack of empathy and any kind of love. For that’s the way his parents were raised as well. 

Beryl hops out of her supercharged Austin 7 and ponders on whether she should ask Barry if he’d like to have Christmas at hers, nothing saucy mind, I know what you smutty lot are thinking. But then thinks better of things, hops back into her car and drives off as soon as the gates open, the narrow wheels of her tiny car making light work cutting through the wet snow.

Meanwhile, Barry wanders back to his large cold empty house on the hill and opens the single malt… 🥃

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