Monday 4 December 2023

A Digital 1950s Zeiss Nettar!

On Mondays (and all other days as well), Driver Double Denim Dancing Dando, known to his pals as ‘DDDDD’ loves to have a shimmy. And being Mid-Somerset Tap Dancing Championships winner 1956-1964, he definitely knows his stuff. 

‘DDDDD’ has discovered that the roof of former NCB loco ‘Radstock’ makes a most wonderful clattering sound with his tap-dancing shoes on the tin roof. But he’s finding it hard going today, not because of his tender 78 years, but because his fireman magnetised the metal soles of his shoes when he was having a mid-morning snooze between shunting turns. 

But the bonus now is that ‘DDDDD’ can climb up the side of the engine onto the roof like Spider-Man does the Empire State Building. And of course Bob Geeza Cat is most impressed, thinking that ‘DDDDD’ has real ‘rizz’ as the da kidz say. 

Today’s pic was taken with my 1950s Zeiss Nettar folding bellows camera. I locked the shutter open, and held my mirrorless Nikon (without a lens) up against the rear of the Zeiss with the back open, it effectively becoming a digital back. It probably won’t be a regular set up, I usually load the Zeiss with film, but it’s fun to experiment. 


An experimental mind requires constant lubrication, please help…


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