Monday 11 December 2023

Big Brother is Watching You

In Little England, much like the full sized one, they’re obsessed with camera surveillance and enforcement, mostly as a means of making money. The set up here being used to recorded trespassing on the railway. The inch high, whilst they’ve been able to shrink most things down have struggled to do this with a camera. Another problem is getting the film processed in that they have to use a swimming pool after dark to develop the negatives in. 

Clive and Deliberation Dave standing up on the roof, and Peter Peckett in the cab of the loco to the right, look on in amusement as PCs Mouldy & Scullery try and direct the camera in the direction of Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe who in standing in the ‘4 foot’, or more accurately, the ‘16.5mm’. 

And of course, our favourite waver, Waving Wayne, is assisting with a good wave, for that’s what he does best. 


Help design a fully working tiny camera the inch high can use …

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