Tuesday 5 December 2023

Seized Brake Shoes & The Vegetarian Option

 A murky November morning at the colliery. High-Vis Harold and Harry the Hammer are investigating a wagon with seized wheels which is straddling a point on the entry to the siding which serves the loading screen. 

A quick tap of Harry’s hammer will sort things out for sure. It will only take a second of two, it most likely being a frozen brake shoe and easily sorted with his hammer. And of course it’s almost the end of Harry’s shift, it always is. 

Over at the Miners Arms in the distance, breakfast is underway for the guests. The pub speciality, ‘The Full Forest of Dean’ will consist of anything that can be made from wild boar, and only limited by imagination. The vegetarian option will be porridge oats soaked in boar’s blood and fried in lard. Things were simpler in the olden days. 


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