Saturday 22 October 2022

Pond Water

Saturday morning behind The Pedant & Armchair pub. Nothing too unusual going on as Pete & Dud barter over a crate of hooch. Fruit fanciers will notice the huge apples in the tree waiting to drop. That’s mostly due to the highly polluted pond water. The pond water is also used in the hooch and beer production, giving it a certain something special, it being pumped directly in to the brewhouse unfiltered. It also glows in the dark, something that will be appreciated in the forthcoming dark winter of discontent in Little little little Britain, where the few pubs still trading will be able to see and serve beer during a power cut. 

Meanwhile Gary & Barry watch Little Jim pass by with the mid morning goods to Frome. I’m not sure what they’re planning, but we can be sure it won’t be legal and almost certainly only be in their interests. That will no doubt be a tale for another day from the land of the inch high.  

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