Thursday, 6 October 2022

Dumb Buffers

Thursday morning at the colliery spied through a telephoto lens from down the side of The Miners Arms. Deliberation Dave and Henry hi-vis  plan their morning ahead trying to work out what should go there and here, and here and there before the mid morning empties arrive from Lydney. 

Today they’re using a small ‘Planet’ chain-driven diesel mechanical loco instead of the more usual steamer. The little loco is fondly referred to as the ‘Flying Green Welly’ due to its colour being similar to that of a green rubber Wellington boot much favoured by those who work the land and the ‘okay yah’ set from Knightsbridge with a third home in the shires. 

Buffer fanatics (yes, they are a thing) will notice the extra set of unsprung wooden buffers sat between the more regularly placed buffers. These are called ‘dumb buffers’, not because some idiot fixed them in the wrong place, oh no. They’re used when the loco is connected to some ancient internal user wagons with similar unsprung buffering attire. 

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