Monday 3 January 2011


When somebody mentions hemp, especially if they look a tad thin, speak rather slowly in a warbling manner, have their hair platted, wear colourful home knits as well as knitting their own wall paper, we tend to associated it with something smoked that will generate a mind altering experience. Yeah-man!

For most people who are not so much into ‘vegetable rights and peace’ as coined by Neil off the early 1980’s BBC comedy ‘The Young Ones’, they will know it is the key ingredient of another kind of joint and one which is serviced by a plumber to stop leaks.

Us modelrailway nutters have a third use for it, and one that is mainly artistic. The fibrous nature of the stuff which looks oddly like the hair of a hippy is perfect for replicating anything from miniature thatch through to fields of barley at Pendon, and in my case reeds when coloured.

The above is part the canal side reburbishment of Catcott Burtle currently taking place for the Astotolat Model Railway Show in Guildford on Saturday 15 January 2011.

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