Sunday 23 January 2011

Barking Bill

Watched by Tiddles the huge station cat bruiser, SDJR 7F No. 53809 arrives at Combwich with the afternoon goods from Evercreech Junction during the August of 1961. 

This is of course the rather super new Bachmann SDJR 7F 2-8-0 which has appeared a few times over the last few week on this blog. The big difference now is that I have at last almost finished the weathering process.  I never weather in one go, but tend to do it in stages over a few days or even weeks, for it is very easy to overdo weathering and end up with something crude if rushed. I also like to see how the loco looks in different light and how it compares to other items of stock that it will be running with - that and of course using as many colour photos as one can find for reference. And that aspect now has been taken care of due to this wonderful resource in the form of Barking Bill's Photostream which is the real reason for this blog post!

The obligatory WIDESCREEN wallpaper version is here!

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