Wednesday, 22 December 2010

On the Road Again: Catcott Burtle

nevard_101126_catcott_DSC_0545_web, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.
W I D E C R E E N version HERE! 

Catcott Burtle is on the road again on Saturday 15 January 2011 at the Astolat Model  Railway Circle Expo in Guildford. It's been well over a year since this layout last had an airing in public with it's last scheduled outing sadly being cancelled at the 11th hour due to a house move the day before.

Astolat Model Railway Circle Annual Exhibition
Guildford Methodist Church
Woodbridge Road

9.30 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. Prices not known

Other layout will include:
  • Garden Railway (G)
  • Camas Orainin (Gn15)
  • Boreham MPD (0)
  • Lynton Road (0)
  • Gravel Bottom (016.5)
  • Fisherton Sarun (OO)
  • Lyn Castle (OO)
  • New Bridge Street (OO)
  • Port Skeera (EM)
  • Kite Houses (P4)
  • Bryn-y-Felin (OO9)
  • Lower Peak Wharf (OO9)
  • Prospect Valley (H0)
  • Modbury Tor (3mm TT)
  • Chacombe Junction (N)
  • Champion Falls (N)
  • Hedges Hill Cutting (N)
  • Shackleford Road Wharf (N)

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