Sunday, 13 June 2010

I'm in Trouble!

At last construction has started on my coal mine project with a bit of kack handed carpentry this morning moving this project on from 'arm-chair' firmly into 'cuts-and-bruises' territory. As with most of my recent projects, this one will be housed in a diorama style box with built in lighting and a curved corner-less backscene (missing here) as with Catcott Burtle, Cement Quay and Arne Wharf.

The size of the module here which is being checked out by Fleur is 4ft long x 20 inches deep x 2 ft high. Why so high? Because there'll be a chimney and I want a backdrop to be seen behind it all the way to the top as well as protecting the highest part of the layout when in storage and in transit.

I've decided to use conventional materials this time too - simply because of what the previous owner of my house left in the garage and an offer on some ends of 6mm ply at B&Q. I don't need to build any fiddle yards this time for I'll be using Catcott Burtle's ones, I'll also be able to use Catcott's trestles and drapes.

The trouble bit is that I have yet to get planning permission for this project - but because I won't be making extra fiddle yards, legs and so on the amount of space it will take up is marginal.


  1. That's a nice coffee table you've made there. "Baseboard, oh no, I read the wrong instructions ! I knew I shouldn't have got them out of MRJ..."

  2. You'll be tarred, flocked (dyed sawdust) and jabbed with a micrometer by the adenoidal voiced, tweed clad, thick rimmed dirty glasses brigade for saying that Parker!

  3. May I say that it's great to see work starting on Radstock Coal and Steam at last, the planning that you have previously shared has been tantalising. No doubt it will be another exemplary exercise in fine model making and terrific landscaping. Good luck with it.

  4. Thanks! All else failing I can always turn it into a rabbit hutch or cage for the cat!

  5. Chris, how do you plan to ensure that the tracks align for the fiddle yard(s)? Do you build all your layouts so that the "exits" are always in the same place on the scenic boards?

  6. It's only this layout that will match with Catcott's fiddle yard - so yes, same access position. I will need to create an extra line entry point onto one of them though becuase it's likely that the right hand one will be two tracks exiting the scenic section.


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