Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Step in the Right Direction

The ongoing Hornby 8F project was missing some front steps, so rather than wait what could be a whole month for Brassmasters to get their act together I decided to fabricate some new ones from brass sheet and solder using photographs and the the rear ones on the loco as a template. They may lack rivet detail, but seeing I'm not bothered by such and that they'll be covered in rust and grime these will do the job fine, they're nice and strong too!

Next I'll be taking a big file to the pony truck and removing the big coupling block that won't be required.New wheels will help too!


  1. I once sawed the coupling mountings of a Bachy Standard Tank at a show. One of the punters looked into the fiddle yard where I was working and imediatly remonstrated with me about "ruining" the loco. Showing him thjat all my stock was fitted with Spratt & Winkle couplings didn't help either. Apaprently the model loses value if you do this sort of thing...

  2. Steps look great. Will they interfere with the wheels on tight curves and turnouts? I have this problem on a Hornby N15. Hornby put the locating holes in the wrong place. Even when I fitted the steps in the correct position the minimum radius of track required is about 800mm.

  3. Phil - you make me laugh as always - cheers!
    Curves might be an issue - I've nothing tighter than 3ft so should be OK. Closing up the tender gap will be the next bit of fun due to the electrical continuity....

  4. That's nothing. Our club used to have a Thomas the Tank layout - before they became fashionable and when Hornby only did a couple of locos. Needless to say some of the finescale modellers (seriously) made up most of the rest of the locos. We had a BoCo made from a battered then repainted Hornby Dublo loco complete with Milliput face. You should have seen the scene when one of the punters spotted what we'd done. Nearly had to take him to hospital :-P


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