Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Colliery Test Arrangements....

Test arrangements...., originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

A little more progress with the Coal and Steam project; I had a few spare moments earlier so had a play with possible arrangements based on various prototype colliery photographs of what goes where. The joy with the real thing is that it varies enormously thankfully! I must apologise for the photo quality, it being simply grabbed on my mobile phone!

The various buildings, once selected will then be customised extensively to take on the regional look of the North Somerset area, with much of the brick being replaced with a stone veneer and the rather heavyweight slates replaced with corrugated iron. The chimney, which will be scratchbuilt in due course has simply been borrowed from Cement Quay. Loading screens not seen here will be scratchbuilt using various plastic sheets over a foamboard base.

Buildings here from left to right; a Bachmann Scenecraft smithy, Skaledale pit head (with a few mods started), a Scenecraft 'stone engine shed' which will turn into a boiler house, and to the far right a Scenecraft winding house which will be stone clad and gain a corrugated roof.

The layout floating in the sky above is Catcott Burtle, my little bit of the 'Somerset & Dorset' on the 'Levels'.

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  1. Not a lighthouse then? (Idea for another layout....):-)
    Looking forward to seeing how this colliery layout turns out.


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