Wednesday 26 June 2024

For Streetlight Fanciers

Wednesday morning at the terminus, and Derek & Clive are reflecting on last night’s wasp chewing competition at The Star which was rather dull, but that’s quite normal in the build up to the finals a week or two away. 

Meanwhile Waving Wayne, or maybe Waving Willy is waving at Harry the Hammer and Herbert the conversational Mayan speaking horse for no apparent reason other than he likes to wave. They don’t notice him though, he being the other side of the engine to them. 

Streetlight fanciers will note that Combwich has just had its very first electric platform lamp installed, and look just how perfect and tall it is, it being made of concrete with rather fetching Art Deco inspired ceramic lanterns. It’s a shame that there is no electricity available to power it, for we must remember this is rural Little England of olden times. 

And finally, it’s rumoured that Ratio Models based their popular kit on the platform lamp here, which like this one also doesn’t work. 


This is thirsty work …


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