Saturday 2 April 2022

Afternoon Tea

Hemyock in deepest East Devon, a showery July day in 1956. The little loco has just run around its single carriage and collected a milk tank full of Devon’s finest from the creamery in the distance. As usual Barry Bullhead (the time and motion man from the Ministry of Misery) and Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe are plotting some semi-legal business, very much in their own collective favour of course. Colin is checking the vacuum pipe between the engine and the milk tank, it’s been playing up most of the day. Hopefully it won’t delay departure for the 7 mile run to Tiverton Junction, for old Mabel, the only passenger needs to connect with the Bristol train for her afternoon tea with ‘a nice young man’ she’s been a pen-friend with since before the war. 

Hemyock is my current project in OO (Hornby sized) and very much a work in progress. More images will appear in due course. 

You can buy Mabel a tea here

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