Tuesday 3 July 2012


With a name change, the Cornish inspired Polbrock seen here with a Midland 3F could easily be somewhere around the Welsh borders on some long lost Midland/GWR backwater, the weed ridden track and wagon which looks like something that would have been seen around Tintern Quarry helping the geographical move. The overgrown track and little used siding placing the scene firmly within a year or two of closure. The halt looks like it lost its passenger service some time ago, or if it hasn't, the trains must only call very infrequently.

I'm currently photographing and writing for the final instalment of Polbrock which is currently being serialised in Model Rail magazine, the series covering the construction from start to finish of this little layout. The whole story is being squeezed into around 24 or so pages over 4 issues, which is probably enough for any magazine without it getting tardy and draining like these 'diaries' type features all too frequenty can be, remembering the reader most likely hasn't specifically bought the magazine to read about my fumblings.

I must admit what to write about, what to leave in or out, has been tricky, for it would be quite easy to fill a book if I detailed everything, so I have tried to tackle the aspects that are important to me. There are almost certainly better ways of tackling some of the bits that I've built, so from that point of view I really look forward to feedback from readers whether via my website or 'Editor's desk', for railway modelling is always a learning process, however far down the road we are. Equally if I've helped somebody get around a problem or inspired somebody to throw out that threadbare armchair out I'll be even more happy!

On the road; over the past couple of weeks, Polbrock has 2 confirmed outings, kicking off with Model Rail Live in September at Barrow Hill Roundhouse (click the logo top right of this page), followed by the highly acclaimed Railex at Aylesbury Stadium at the end of May 2013.


  1. An exceptional model, Chris. A model to really aspire to. I just love the platform and I have to ask - what method did you use to portray the stonework? I'm afraid I missed the last issue of Model Rail, so I've not seen your latest article.

  2. Great railway modelling,your photographic lighting on the area is just right.


  3. "it would be quite easy to fill a book if I detailed everything"

    Really wish you would do this Chris. With your photography and modelling skills I think this would be quite some book. I'd certainly be in the line to buy one!

    1. Thannks London-Rail!

      I will do a book in due course when I have the time and find a publisher I like which isn't fuddy duddy. Sadly too many hobby book publishers package up their books with the dullest covers, design and page layout. Then wonder why they never get beyond the first edition.


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