Thursday 22 March 2012

Winslow Beer Fest!

Rather than write about toy chuffers, today's blog is about one of my other passions and the one which will probably take me to an early grave - BEER!!

Last weekend was the Winslow Beer Festival, which now in its 6th year is very much one of the better small festivals that has sprung up in recent times. Ths Buckinghamshire festival is is a joint venture between the local CAMRA group and the Winslow Lions, and one of the the things that makes it different to many festivals is that all the beer is sponsored by local businesses meaning that all the beer and cider is is already paid for, thus allowing a greater sum of money to be donated to charity which can only be a good thing.

The beer festival is normally opened on the Friday night by a well-known personality, and this year MP John Bercow - Speaker of The House of Commons held the honour with an amusing speech reflecting on the day job "order order!"

Having been to nearly all Winslow Beer Festivals, something I have noticed is the ever increasing number of local breweries springing up, and this annual event being an excellent showcase to promote themselves, with The Buckingham Brewery being a new kid on the block worth seeking out.

And because you expect to read about trains; it's not been possible to get a train to Winslow since the late 1960's when the local station closed. I gather there is a bus service of sorts, but it's certainly no good for an evening jolly like this. So to get to it you need a driver, drink lemonade all evening, a tent in a field, a room at the local hotel (The Bell), or to sleep in a doorway which is really not an option for even the hardiest of beer lovers. Good news! Within a few years, the Bletchley to Bicester line which is currently in a mothballed state should be reopening for passengers which will open up the festival for beer fanciers from further afield - good times!

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  1. Mmmmmm, Beer Festival. Needs a good bus service though. Perhaps the speaker might be encouraged to do something about that ?


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