Sunday, 25 March 2012

Magnetic Attraction

The Magnet Expert has released a series of British made tiny and not so tiny Neodymium magnets aimed at the model maker, the photo here displaying the smallest one which just 1mm square!

Railway modellers frequently use magnets for hands-free uncoupling systems, the miniature one here could see use for holding details in place like figures and cars on portable layouts if a little ferrous metal is embedded within or under the layout surface and the magnet attached to the model.

Bigger magnets could see use for holding lightweight baseboards together because they are incredibly powerful, so powerful that they’re supplied with a health and safety handling information sheet!

Find out more about sizes and pricing visit

Play the vid below to see just how powerful Neodymium magnets are!


  1. Hi Chris,

    I've been using magnetic couplers for quite some time.
    Here's the link to the French manufacturer where I buy mine:

  2. Jim Smith-Wright uses them to couple up vacuum and air brake hoses.


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