Saturday, 31 March 2012

Another Duffers' Day Out

Ever so often a break from toy chuffers and a day out with good company is required. Model trains are great, but it can be a rather solitary hobby, so getting out and seeing the real thing in the wild outdoors with a little excercise and great company addresses that quite nicely. Due to work commitments, dates get planned some time in advance, so to get a day when it's not raining or simply very dull is more luck than anything else.

Boys day out trips ( aka: 'BDO' or 'SAGAlouts outing') tend to get around most places within 2 or 3 hours from home, with Tuesday's jolly being to South Wales, the focus being to capture the first day of Arriva's new Class 67 loco-haulded Cardiff to Holyhead workings. Luck was on our side, and the good 'summer' weather we've enjoyed here in Blightly played game for once and allowed a cracking day out in full sun from first thing right through the day.

Being in the company of 'those in the know' locations flip-flopped in a random manner between Portskerren, Severn Tunnel Junction, Duffryn and Ponthir, with locations optomised around freight workings and the Arriva Class 67's which meant visiting a couple of spots more than once.

The above shot is 'the crew' waiting on the hiilside at Ponthir for the 67 hauled Cardiff to Holyhead service.

And now to the snaps:

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  1. A wealth of photographic experience on that hillside :-)


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