Saturday 8 October 2011

Pretty pic for Saturday

nevard_111008_BQ_IMG_1444_WEB by nevardmedia
nevard_111008_BQ_IMG_1444_WEB, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.

Here we have a renumbered Bachmann GWR 'pannier tank' now as Templecombe's 4691 running into Brewhouse Quay with a short train.  Bigger version here

It's hauling a Ratio 4 wheeled ex-GWR passenger carriage. A few of these lasted into the early 1950's, so it's quite possible that the BR carmine is accurate. Given that the kit is 30 plus years old it still makes into a nice model.

The lorry to the right is a EM76503 Pocketbond "Classix" Jen-Tug artic & flatbed trailer GG2301 in "British Railways" livery. I have de-railwayised it be removing the railway markings, finished it with a puff of matt varnish and added a load of bags - the load can be whatever you fancy!

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