Wednesday 5 October 2011

Model Rail 162 - November 2011

November Model Rail has now hit the shelves, as always it is packed to the brim with news and reviews, layout features, how to make things and much more...
Contents run down.....
  • News; Photos of latest Hornby samples at Model Rail Live (B1, Gresley full brake etc) photographed on Brewhouse Quay.
  • BIG PICTURE - St Merryn (in next month - it's dead classy btw!)
  • Bachmann Blue Pullman computer image
  • Model Rail Live photo-feature
  • Review: Farish 'A1' 4-6-2
  • Hornby brake van
  • Heljan Class 55 (O gauge)
  • Finescale Brass O gauge 'Manor'
  • Dapol N class 26
  • Ramsbottom 1950 layout
  • Workbench: How to brush paint
  • Build a Command Station
  • Upgrade MGR coal wagons
  • Supertest: Fillers
  • Masterclass: Figures, How to paint/modify
  • Paint Hornby's new Skaledale buildings
  • Make a scene: Dave Lowery's Dunmere Crossing - the main photo taken by yours truly at Model Rail Live - this diorama was the catalyst for my Cornish project.
  • Clive Hardwick's bespoke buildings
  • How to create realistic loads
  • Ruddington OO layout (photos by yours truly, not as credited) - a super-huge layout of the fromer GCR station at Ruddington. You can visit this latyout for real at open days.
  • Show & Tell
  • Fen End Pit - 16mm scale narrow gauge, with actual working dragline and gravel grading machinery. The gravel moving in shots is not Photoshop, but long exposures. Its was great fun to shoot and one to keep an eye out for at shows! If you have kids, they'll love it!
  • Repairing Townstreet stonecast buildings
  • Q&A
  • Exhibition Diary.
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  1. Nice blog...husband is a train fanatic and enjoys all train oriented sites!

  2. "BIG PICTURE - St Merryn" - cue much gnashing of teeth at just how damned good that picture looks. Top drawer Mr N. :)


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