Friday, 7 October 2011

Now that's clever....

111007_cornish_int_IMG_1430_WEB by nevardmedia
111007_cornish_int_IMG_1430_WEB, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.

Track laying on the Cornish thing using C+L components; note the folded etched brass chairs where strengthening copper clad sleepers are required.  They are a test product from Pete Harvey Designs

Normally one would simply solder the rail to the sleeper top, then have to cut in half the C+L plastic chairs and glue - quite a fiddly task. All that's needed here will be a good splosh of liquid flux and a dab with a loaded soldering iron. The brass also takes care of the gap between the sleeper top and the bottom of the rail. Once painted, ballasted and weathered, they'll blend in just fine - especially seeing in real life they're a lot smaller than seen here.


  1. Very nice as always Chris.
    I am considering similar track work for my new micro "Morfa Bach" and wondered if this type of chair and track will allow Bachmann wheel profiles to be used. I don't want to re-wheel all my stock if I can help it.


  2. Modern Bachmann/Hornby flanges no problem with C+L - like you I cannot be bothered to fart-arse about changing wheels.


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