Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Trams and Beer

For a change we decided to escape the Christmas mayhem and head to Munich for a few days, not really for any cultural experience but unashamedly to sup a few beers in the various beer halls all over this beautiful city. And anyway, most things are shut over the Christmas period and let's face it, it's way too cold to do much else so I don't feel the slightest bit guilty in this respect!

Of course one needs to get around, and I was most impressed with the 47 mile tram network and how the Germans don't let a dusting of that cold white stuff cripple everything. Every city should have a tram network, they're quiet, they get you from A to B very quickly and they don't leave everything under a cloud smelly smog every time they move.

I won't drone on any more, there are lots sites that will cover green issues and more of what I've touched above, and anyway whilst Munich is a fabulous place, I haven't had a proper cuppa for days so I'm off to have one now....

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