Friday, 3 December 2010

Friday's Photo

Carrying on the theme of steam along the lines of those seen in the excellent Railway Bylines, but on Cement Quay and to remind us of dusty summery days, here's a grab of a Southern Railway built 'Black 8' No. 48660 nearing the end of its days shunting some Dogfish ballast hoppers under the number 2 loading screen.

Lack of hostile responses from the diesel only brigade has confirmed that next time I chase up a show for Cement Quay it will be temporarily exhibited as a steam era layout. The La Farge signs will be removed and the red and white striped works chimney replaced with something a little more old fashioned by borrowing one from Mendip Colliery.
  • A bigger version of the above photo can be seen HERE!


  1. Hi Chris

    I've been following this blog for a while now, because your pictures never fail to make me happy :) I particularly like the large freight locos that crop up from time to time: the unashamedly workmanlike lines of the big eight-coupled machines are attractive in their own way! I was wondering, though, if you might prevail on your editor to have an article appear in MR? What I had in mind, given the imminent release of the Bachmann S&DJR 7F, was a comparison of the freight locos now on the market, particularly their haulage capabilities. Although I would expect the Bachmann 9F to romp away with it, I would be interested to see how (for instance) the Robinson O4 compares to the Railroad 9F, or the Stanier 8F to the 28xx. Is this sufficiently intriguing a proposition to warrant consideration? In any regard, keep up the extraordinarily good work!


  2. Britain's Model Trains, available from all good news agents;-)


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