Monday, 29 March 2010

Voie Libre No.59 March/April 2010

Lots of UK interest in this issue of Voie Libre one from the friendly narrow gauge LR Presse publishers in France. The editor, François Fontana is a regular at ExpoNG and hence the large amount of material to interest us.

All too often niche hobby publications are drab and look more like the parish news rather than a fun tool to promote a hobby. They frequently take themselves far too seriously and create a stuffy elitist image which is guaranteed to put new people off the hobby. By total contrast, Voie Libre is a happy bright magazine, with a strong welcoming graphic quality - the text, photographs, diagrams and tasteful use of coloured backgrounds gel together to produce a magazine that is hard to put down.

Illustrations; rather than being the common and often sterile computer generated variety are good old fashioned pen and ink performed with a wonderful artistic 'organic' style that just make you want to model them in 3D!

François, is without doubt a fabulous model maker, brilliant artist and cracking photographer - can there be a better combination? If that's not good enough, you can download an English translation from their website too!

Content (translated with hence rather quaint)
  • Sutton Wharf: miniature theatre (1/25) (p.4)  
  • Dunbracken: trains and a boat (009) (p.30)  
  • Canteens of the Huts (Ovn) (p.46)  
  • Report Nuremberg 2010 (p.10)  
  • Under the magnifying glass 130 + 031 Bachmann (0n30) (p.14)  
  • Rolling stock Build an urban tram (HOe) (p.17)  
  • WD Models: Class coaches has or C (009) (p.34)  
  • Power trolley Simplex Nigel Lawton (Oe) (p.41)  
  • Discovered CFD of Lozere (p.23)  
  • History The Péchot system (p.36)  
  • Central book Engine 020 + 020T Péchot-Bumblebee (1/43,5) (p.0)  
  • Platform Péchot (1/43,5) (p.0)  
  • Péchot trucks to 2 and 3 axles (1/43,5) (p.0)

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