Thursday, 25 March 2010

Model Rail 142 - April 2010

April 2010 Model Rail has hit the newsagents, and although I'm rather biased I do have to say that it is really rather good!

The content goes on forever with a plethora of really useful, inspiring, well written and illustrated features. The repro is top-notch too - something as a photographer I'm very very fussy about, and I can safely say that this aspect without doubt is a market leader in this area.

OK, enough waffle from me, here's the official release what's inside....

  • BACHMANN 2010/11 PREVIEW: All the big stories from Bachmann's 2010 launch.

  • POINTS SPECIAL! Buying, fitting and using points, fitting point motors outdoors, manual point control and more!

  • SUPERTEST: Buying and fitting the right point motors for your layout. Don't buy anything until you've read George Dent's unique comparative test.

  • TETLEYS MILLS FAREWELL: A special 12-page tribute to Britain's favourite 'layout that never leaves home', which will be dismantled in 2010. Dave Shakespeare reviews the changes made since our last visit and looks forward to his next project.

  • REVIEWS: MTH 'O' gauge 'Duchess', Heljan Class 20, limited edition Bachmann Class 47s, Graham Farish MOA wagon and much more.

  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN PART 2: More great tips from Peter Marriott on how to give your layout a 'real world' look.

  • CEPs and BEPs in 'N' gauge: Grahame Hedges builds Southern Region EMUs.

  • TOP 10 TOOLS: The ten most important items for any scenic modellers' toolkit.

  • Cliffordsbridge: A 'OO' gauge layout that never leaves home using ready-to-run diesels and rolling stock.

  • Q&A, Show & Tell, Masterplan and all your favourite regular features.


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