Friday 11 September 2009

Cement Quay gets a Big Screen!

A slight departure from the original plan, I have decided to add another screen, this one might be for sand, who knows. It's unusual for a loading screen to be on a dead end siding, but it adds a little extra operational and visual interest maybe (there are now 2 screens in total)......

This one was knocked/scratched up on Wednesday evening in front the of the telly from a few plastic card odds and ends and bits left over from the Walthers cement works kit used on Cement Quay proper. It was painted yesterday morning using my usual mix of Halfords primers and emulsion washes (took about 45 mins in total). The pipe with tap on the side was added just because it looked pretty - maybe it's for beer? The conveyor is a kit again courtesy of Walthers (Model Junction - ta Sam Bennett for tracking this down). Both these structures need proper bedding in still.....
The 'water' still needs to be added to the wharf.

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