Tuesday, 29 September 2009

All aboard the 2.15pm Service from Bleakhouse Road to Combwich!

Exclusive to Wycrail 2010; (next year) Saturday 6 November 2010 will see two well known Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway layouts come together under the same roof for the very first time!

After several years of eager anticipation and discussion, the High Wycombe and District Model Railway Society have created a rare opportunity for this overdue pairing of railways to at last become reality - but only for one day!

On the day, the highlight will be the anticipated running of passenger and goods trains between Bleakhouse Road - Tim Maddocks' wonderful bucolic portrayal of the Somerset Levels and Combwich - Chris Nevard's web famous, but exhibition shy layout based on the banks of the River Parrett.

Both layouts have appeared in the model railway press on numerous occasions over the years. Although both fictitious interpretations of the real S&DJR, due to the ‘could have been’ nature of the projects Tim Maddocks and Chris Nevard frequently get communications via the internet from railway hungry web surfers asking more about the real locations. Chris only recently had an email from a chap in the real Combwich wondering if the railway actually ran through his garden!

To find out more:

Bleakhouse Road www.enginewood.co.uk/bleakh.htm
Combwich www.nevardmedia5.fotopic.net/show_group.php?id=4542
Wycrail www.hwdmrs.org.uk/Wycrail.htm


  1. Are you going to physically connect them or just transfer trains?

  2. We're working on a couple of options.

    If the layouts can be made to match height wise, we might trying making a temporary connection using a piece of Peco between the fiddle yards. If that proves too problematic we will transfer using a cassette.

    We have some of the brains in the High Wycombe club working on this too.

    Luckely we have just over a year to work something out for 2010.

    One thing is for sure, we will have a train (hopefully several) running between the two termini somehow or other!

    See you there hopefully!

  3. I hope so too... sounds great!


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