Thursday 2 October 2008

11th Hour at Catcott Burtle

With Catcott Burtle about to hit the road for the very first time this coming weekend (Sat 4 October) at the Beaconsfield show, a little time was spent sorting out the allotment opposite the crossing keeper's cottage.

Here goes: Sweet peas/beans supports were bits of wire soldered up and painted. Onions (or leeks) are dyed hemp stuck into holes (as used for the reeds on the nearby drain). Strawberries (or such) simply Heiki foliage. Woodland Scenics would be just as good. Dab of paint here and there. Same used for the beans/peas. Slug eaten cabbages are little squares of printer paper (1x1cm) soaked in greeny brown acrylic (cheap set from Tesco) squeezed and rolled into balls whilst wet. Mucky job. Loose earth is Treemendous 'real earth' courtesy of some geezer called Marriott.

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