Monday 20 October 2008

Beaconsfield MRS Show, 4 Oct 2008

Catcott Burtle performed remarkably well, with only one actual prod needed with about 20 mins to go. The little Johnson 1P 0-4-4 rebuilt by guru Philip Hall was at total dream to run - it not missing a beat all day, and so smoothly too! In the evening the layout took a round trip via north Bucks to the outlaws, with the result that we have only just returned home.

Much to my surprise the layout is all in one piece behind me all lit up and dandy, this will mean I can get on taking it to the next level (further detailing and tweeks etc) rather than having to fix things that broke. One thing I will need to do is to put some locating pins or velcrow between the base of the layout and the trestles to stop it drifting about in top of them which it did a couple of times! This was on my list to do prior to the show but alas I ran out of time.

I hope to be able to use the same trestles and drape for Cement Quay which is next out on Sat 19 Jan 09 at the Astolat Guildford show (one day show). This will raise Cement Quay's height from its present 3'6" to 4'2" which should imrove the viewing of the diorama type of approach to this layout.

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