Friday, 5 September 2008


The top shot of Catcott Burtle shows the original concept from July 2007, this illustration being from a Photoshopped pencil sketch knocked up during an idle moment.

The lower shot shows how the project has actaully come to fruition, for once actually not too far off track for a change. I suppose this project is none too complicated from a design point of view.

No computer jiggery in the lower shots of the actual layout. This is something I wanted to achieve after adding fake skies to the dozens of layouts photographed over the last year or two. Catcott, I hope will be successful in giving the exhibition goer the same experience as the one normally reserved for the printed page............

Looking ahead, as this tiny layout gets to stage of completion, where should I go next? My model making currently covers 3 areas; 009 narrow gauge, modern image and this transition era scenario. I suppose would probably be an idea to use one of the three so as not to have to build more stock ....


  1. What about a transition: Modern Image narrow gauge...

  2. That' a sure way to reduce my website hits.. LOL! ;-)


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