Friday 27 June 2008

Invisible Thread

Messed about today with the telegraph wires using 'Slik Worm Invisible Elastic Thread' as recommended by Graham Muz! Highly elastic, hopefully enough to survive 'spawn of chav' and elderley women who have to finger everything when on the road. Will it survive me when I get a shunting pole hooked up? We shall see, it's vvvvveeeeerrrrryyyy elastic - boiinngg!


  1. They look great -certainly the closest-to-scale telegraph wires I've seen on a 4mm model. Do they have to be under a bit of tension or do they stay 'hanging' parallel to each other with a little slack as on the real thing?

  2. They need to be taught, if loose they go curly and tangle. They're fine rubber, the sort used by magician's for 'clever tricks'. I think this is a better trick though?


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