Monday, 13 December 2010

Brewery Project: Back of an Envelope Sketch

Just now I grabbed a couple of snaps to illustrate the Brewery Project's likely track plan all in an area of 4ft x 2ft 3inches, kicking off with an early rough sketch which will be used as a bases for a proper layout plan. Note the sector plate to allow access to hidden sidings behind the backscene. The headshunt seen on the above sketch will allow a small loco with just 2 SWB wagons - a shunting puzzle should be fun!

The track plan has started to be marked out roughly full size onto some sheets of A3. The trackwork in the foreground is one of the reasons why ready made track would not work here. I'm looking forward to hand laying the track, not having done any since Catcott Burtle 3 years ago which used C&L components. For this I have ordered code 55 flat bottomed rail from C&L for that light industrial look

Earlier in the year I had the privilege of photographing Brian Harrap's excellent Quai:87 which features lots of clever trackwork. See Brian's layout in print soon in the popular model railway press.


  1. Great looking design.

    Why not extend the track bottom right right to the edge of the baseboard?

  2. Looking forward to seeing that "K" point!

  3. so am I, luckily I've tracked a few prototype snaps to work out what goes where. Might have to resort to Templot just for this one (but life might be too short). 3 way/tandem points appear quite prolific at these old breweries too, but I have resisted the temptation. So far...


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