Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Delivery from Bachmann...

Delivery from Bachmann..., originally uploaded by nevardmedia.
I'd been promised a few Bachmann Scenecraft seconds to play around with, though I must admit it as quite a surprise to find this giant box stood in our hallway earlier this afternoon! My wife was a little concerned thinking that I'd blown what looked at least 5 years railway modelling budget on toy trains - not so I assured her!

Those who know me know I'm not too much of a fan of 'out of the box' railway modelling, but these 'ready to plonk' buildings (various colliery buildings from Bachmann Scenecraft) make an ideal bases to modify and personalise which in this case is likely to be for my semi moribund colliery project which needs a well overdue a kick to get it properly off the ground......

I'll post more as this progresses.....

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  1. Wow, i'm surprised at how good these buildings look. We've come a long way with out of the box scenery. I'm sure with your skills you'll make something really amazing.

    I believe this is my first comment; I'd just like to thank you for doing this blog and your website. I've spent many hours reading all the notes and learning new things. My father is really into the S&DJR so I'm trying to convince him to do a small layout like 'Catcott Burtle'. Anyway, great stuff, keep it up.


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