Thursday, 3 September 2009

Cement Quay Extension Progress 1 Sept 2009

Due to the depth of the Peco I decided to ballast the track first with some beach sand prior to applying the Humbrol Dry Clay.

I used tile grout rather that plaster - why? Because I had a tub in the garage. The bases of the spoil heaps which will be covered in real crushed limestone are cones of cardboard - they're seen here covered in grout and a wash of emulsion.

Much of the exposed rock will have grass (Silfor, Hanging basket liner and Noch Static Grass) and weeds covering it.

The orange dry clay once set was coloured with various pale organic shades of interior matt emulsion - the same colours as used for Cement Quay ('Clotted cream', 'pebbles', 'chocolate shake'.)

Although it's tricky to see it now, the arid moonscape seen here in due course will look like this shot of Cement Quay once treated

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  1. I like the idea of ballasting before applying the clay - might do the same thing myself even though all my track uses thin C&L sleepering. Nice to see a bit of the 'original' ballast showing through the muck that's built up around the track - a subtle but worthwhile effect as your photos testify even at this stage.


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