Wednesday, 11 October 2017


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The problem with with small shelf type layouts can be achieving a believable looking depth. Fountain Colliery is only 1 foot  / 30cm deep, so I've been adding some trees along the front to break up the open vista. The Forest of Dean, where this little layout is supposed to be, is obviously a rather woody place, so I need to add as many trees as possible.

Positioning the trees will take a little trail and error, they need to look natural position wise and not look too contrived like a parkland or ornamental garden. I also need to arrange them so they don't get in the way of operation. For the time being, none of the trees will be permanently fixed down as I access their position and practicality.

As recommended in the excellent Albion Yard Blog I've been trying out these Woodland Scenics bendy tree armatures as a basis for tree production. Of course I could wind my own from wire and plaster, but as is frequently the case, time is not always in my side. The tree below taking around 30 minutes from bending the tree to shape, spraying a dull grey ish colour and adding my own foliage dressing from flock coated micro fibre. They have the bonus of being very strong too, always as advantage when close to the edge of a baseboard.
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  1. Trees are definitely 'make or break' on a railway model - I used these bendy armature ones years ago with my father, and still have some in my 'green stuff' box harvested when that childhood layout bit the dust. However, I'm lucky that I also have a box of 'scratchbuilt' trees he produced over many years - wire armatures and plaster - so much more characterful! What have you used around the base of the tree? I've struggled with these areas on my own layout.


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