Tuesday, 31 October 2017

A Foreign Layout!

Regular followers of this blog know that I tend to concentrate on backwaters - frequently in the west of England. As a nice change a couple of weeks ago I picked up a part complete project, the owner wanting me to add scenery and ground texture to his German layout. 20 hours work has produced the below.... shortly before we loaded up the car for its return journey we snapped a few photos 'under the lights'.

 It's based on a southern German pre-ware scenario in an area known for its sandy limestone soil. It was important too keep the colouring light.
 Arriving at the end of the line..
 Coaling up...
 A wide open feeling has been achieved within a relatively small foot print. Sometimes it's good not to cram too much in..
You can find out more about this layout here http://timhalesblog.blogspot.co.uk/
Drop me a line if you have a stalled project or simply don't have time to complete a project.

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  1. Nice work Chris! I've enjoyed reading your exploits in the Art of Modelling special. I've often used your scenery as a yardstick to measure my Aussie layout Philden against, and will continue to do so with my next layout, the GWR in the Interwar era. Keep up the good work.


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