Wednesday 12 December 2012

Bulleid's Austerity

nevard121212_Q1_IMG_1957 by nevardmedia
nevard121212_Q1_IMG_1957, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.
This Hornby Bulleid Q1 has been renumbered as Guildford Shed's least glamourous No. 33019 and is midway through my non-airbrush weathering.

I used to airbrush weather all the time, but now favour pigment washes and drybrushing, these giving me giving far more control and a slightly more random effect like the real thing.

In time the upper surfaces will receive a little matt varnish misted on from above to suggest fallen ash (Testors Dullcote from an aerosol), otherwise I favour the slight sheen of a working engine, remembering clambering around mucky working engines in Poland in the very early 1990's. Working steam has more of a warm smeared sticky Christmas Pudding look than pure Barry Island rust often portrayed.

I tend to weather in stages, splitting into different sessions over a few days rather than all in one go, I can them appraise the result in different light including that of the layouts it will be running on. It also allows the paints to set well between sessions.  

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  1. Is this the ugliest steam engine ever? Undoubted though your artistic skills are, Mr Nevard, you can't make a silk purse........


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