Tuesday 4 December 2012

Airfix 15-ton Diesel Hydraulic Crane

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I was having a tidy up earlier putting wagons and locos away that were littering the spare room and can across this old  Airfix 15-ton Diesel Hydraulic Crane.

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It formed part of a huge second hand job lot I bought when getting back into the hobby a decade or so ago, and was built by its previous owner from a kit originally dating from 1962.

In more recent times this useful and fully working model (part from moving under its own power) was produced by Dapol, so those who fancy one will stand a good chance of finding one for the price of a couple of pints on Ebay or one of the tat stores that spring up at smaller railway shows.

I must say that I think it looks spot on here, the posed scene here depicting a steel girder load that needs unloading onto the quayside for some heavy construction work no doubt.


  1. I never get tired of seeing photographs of your layouts.

    Keep up the awesome and inspirational work!!!

    Cheers for Portugal.

  2. Cat-induced derailment - brilliant!


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