Monday 12 November 2012

My Workbench

Many people presume that I have some kind of dedicated workbench area for my various projects, but I'm not really a fan of hiding away in some little boxroom, preferring daylight and being around my nearest and dearest.

Above is the 'workbench' used for much of the construction of Brewhouse Quay, in this case being the dining room table. Being good you might notice the rug used to protect the wooden surface from scratches, but you may also notice that I was probably going to be told off for not putting a mat under the tea cup, especially seeing it appears to have slopped a little.

As always Fleur (pussy cat) like to get involved with what's going especially seiing I'd just plugged the soldering iron in to heat up - bless.

Benchvent, suppliers of hobby extractors are currently running a competition for workbench photos, this spurred the above photo to be extracted from the bowels of my photo-archive....


  1. Cool. I especially like the cup of tea! Won't the trains fall off the track being sideways :)

  2. Cool shot of your workspace. I think your point of being around ones you love is important--how else can you get them interested in your hobbies (and thereby easily justify the expense)

    I joined as one of your followers. If you have a moment please check out my blog at It isn't as cool as yours, but hopefully you will find something appealing.


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